2478 Patterson Road, Suite 7
Grand Junction, CO  81505-1266

Phone: 970-255-7065   Fax: 970-255-7076

The Retina Center of Western Colorado has been providing full time, local medical and surgical retinal care by board certified, fellowship-trained ophthalmologists since 1997.  

At our state-of-the-art office we provide digital retinal photography, angiography, optical coherence tomography, ocular ultrasound, cryotherapy, and full spectrum retinal laser treatment.  We have extensive experience in diagnosis as well as cutting-edge treatment for macular degeneration, diabetes, retinal vein occlusion/vascular disease, retinal tears/detachments and macular surgery.  We pioneered macular hole surgery that does not require face-down positioning in Colorado.  

Our surgery is performed with advanced surgical equipment capable of small incision retinal surgery.  We also have endoscopic vitrectomy ability for managing certain complex vitreoretinal cases.  

We have extensive experience in care for retina patients in our mountainous, high-altitude region.  We strive to provide the highest quality retinal care possible.

What our patients say:

“Professional, yet caring”

We are of the opinion that you provided [our mother] quality care in a professional, yet caring manner.

Mr. K

“I want to express my appreciation to the Retina Center’s doctors and staff.”

With macular degeneration, I require regular eye injections. The office is open during this critical time and there is a risk of exposure to the virus. Thanks to doctors and nurses and office staff everywhere for their dedication in caring for all people in need. God bless you all.”

-published in "The Daily Sentinel"

“Dear Doctor…”

“Whatever you did the magic worked, my eye recovered beautifully the next day. Thank you for listening to me – I appreciate it. I am seeing better and better.”

Mr. C

“Thank you…”

“…For putting yourselves up front and out there. It means so very much to us. Thank you! Thank you!”


“Thank You So Much!!”

“Thank you for the expert care I receive at your hands. I was AMAZED at how well the clinic was running even with the health problems and a remodel going on!”

Mr. F

“You, your office…”

“…are by far the most caring people I’ve run across in your profession.

Ms. T